Following features are offered by openrcs.com:

  • voice and video calling via SIP to other openrcs.com subscribers
  • receiving voice and video calls via SIP from other openrcs.com subscribers
  • voice and video calling via SIP to other VoIP providers
  • receiving voice and video calls via SIP from other VoIP providers
  • support for UDP, TCP and TLS transport layers
  • support for NAT traversal and RTP relaying
  • protections against dictionary attacks
  • sending and receiving text messages using SIP MESSAGE requests
  • SIMPLE presence
  • web interface for profile management
  • numeric alias
  • speed dialing
  • msrp relay
  • xcap server
  • websocket for webrtc calls
  • webrtc-based instant messaging
  • web portal embedded webrtc sip phone (based on jssip library)

Features of the web portal:

  • adding and managing friends from the same service
  • web messaging service between members
  • member timeline activity
  • groups (public or private) with forums
  • privacy options to hide from members directory and search

Features planned to be enabled in the near future:

  • click to dial
  • messaging integration between sip and web portal
  • offline message storage
  • voicemail service
  • end to end presence (on demand, profile option)
  • show presence states in web portal
  • call redirect and forwarding
  • call blocking – white and black lists
  • time based rules
  • API for user programmable SIP routing policies

These features will be enabled as soon as the web interface is enhanced to offer proper management tools for them. We are looking to subcontract PHP, Python/Django and Web2.0 developers, contact us if you want to apply for such position.